Új pince stúdió (2017 : 11 : 07 - 23.47)
Hamarosan új pince stúdióm lesz!

(2017 : 08 : 07 - 16.22)

4 days of slavery in Mistress Rebeka´s cell!

This summer in July I was back in Budapest for a visit to my Mistress Rebeka. I have been looking forward very much and I have visited her for several years now and it just gets better after each time. This time we had a short session first in her studio where she did mostly tying up and CBT. She is very skilled and it was very hard lying there having to see her perfect body in a leather outfit not being able to touch anything. It was very painful but Mistress Rebeka know where to draw the line where she see that the slave cannot take it anymore. This is one of the main things what I love about her, her professional approach.

After that we drove to her cell in her nice black car. This summer was very hot in Hungary and the degrees would be around 35-40 degrees Celsius so in a way I was glad to be in the cell at it was more cold and a bit damp. She gave me some wine and closed the door and I was again prisoner of my beautiful Mistress Rebeka.

I will not make it long this time but it was very intense play. Mistress played out a number of roleplays. I wanted to try some bondage for a longer time but when totally immobilized, chained to the wall, I really felt a bit of panic. So she cut down the time for me in bondage which was very good, again the professional side of her. Fantasy and reality is not always the same but its good to try. She tied me up several times and whipped me against the wall and put me in her small cage, throwing some cold water over me while whipping me. Every time she let me out of my cell I had to go down on all fours like a dog on the ground doing her bidding. I felt really scared and humiliated, exactly the feeling I wanted to feel.

As always I am very pleased with the session and out meeting. Afterwards we went back to her studio and she gave me a very nice Gulash soup and we chatted. She is extremely kind and good person which is very easy to connect with. Cruel when being a Mistress but that part of it. Thanks for a wonderful time Mistress and we will meet soon again!!

(2017 : 06 : 26 - 21.29)
Új képek a "Galéria" menüpontban!

(2017 : 06 : 04 - 13.42)
Folyamatosan új képek láthatóak Rólam!

(2017 : 02 : 21 - 1.39)
Elég sok e mailt kapok, amelyekben rendszerint ugyanazok a kérdések szerepelnek. Ezúton válaszolok rájuk:

1. Valóban elérhetetlen kategóriájú luxus domina
vagyok e?

Tény, hogy "magasabb körökben" mozgom.
Új jelentkezöknek bejutni Hozzám kevés esélye
van már.

2. Van e szeánszaimon valamilyen kielégülés?

Van. Maszturbálás. Nálam sem kézi, sem másfajta
kielégités NINCS!

3. Feltünö, hogy nem hirdetek szexoldalakon,
pl.: R.........k.hu

Nincs rá szükségem! Egyébként is ellenkezik az erkölcseimmel az ilyen oldalakon való hírdetés.

4. Van e lehetöség arra, hogy üzleti útra elkisérjek

Erre csak , és kizárólag akkor van lehetlehetöség,
ha az illetöt már nagyon jól ismerem.De civil
kapcsolat ebben az esetben is kizárt!!!
Ily módon nyaraltam már hazánkban a Balatonon,
Mátrában, Fertö tónál.
Külföldön Ausztriában, Olaszországban, Romániában,
Németországban, Máltán, Jordániában.
Idén télen pedig Svédországban voltam.

(2017 : 01 : 17 - 23.08)
8 days with Mistress Rebeka in Budapest and in Stockholm!

At the beginning of this year I went with a friend to Budapest for some relaxation. We went to the very nice outdoor bath Szecheni and also took a tour looking at some castles and did some wine and palinka tasting. We spent a couple of days doing this and later I went to Mistress Rebeka for a session at her studio. She greeted me in a very nice leather outfit with nice leather boots and I gave her some Christmas presents. Mistress Rebeka loves whipping but also CBT and nipple play and this time she tied me down on my back with my legs up in the air. She was whipping me hard on the back of my legs and tied my balls tight pulling hard to the ceiling. She came towards me and squeezed my nipples until I was almost crying. When she turned around I tried to be smart kissing her beautiful ass but was rewarded with many hard face slaps. She continued pulling my balls towards the ceiling by the rope and then finally securing them high up making it difficult to lie without shaking of pain. She continued whipping me pulling the rope from time to time. After that session we made ourselves ready to go to her cell.

The cell lies as before a bit outside Budapest and we drove there in her very nice car. It is and underground cell and the floor inside the cell was covered with cardboard making it not so cold from the floor. Also there where about 8-9 blankets. She said good night and closed and locked the door. It was pitch black and it took some time to get comfortable among all blankets. If folded correctly it make a very nice warm bed even though it is very hard lying on the floor. I just manage to sleep when Mistress came back down again and was kicking the door just for her amusement waking me up. She went away again and I manage to sleep. In the winter the light comes into the cell a bit differently so it is hard knowing the time. Finally I heard Mistress Rebeka opening the front door upstairs and coming down the stairs. I stood up and according to her instructions was undressing standing naked in the cold to wait for her. I heard some sound and some music and then finally she opened the door yelling at me to come out on all fours. She put a mask on me, making it pitch black and sat me naked on a stool and tied me up hands and legs. Then she started to squeeze and torture my nipples putting clamps onto them. Then Mistress Rebeka took a small rope and pushed it between the clamps making sure she could pull my nipples with the rope. She open the eye slid on the mask and I could see her. She looked very sexy dancing to the music and pulling my nipples hard. I screamed and she told me to shut up. She was dancing enjoying it smiling and I was cold and in constant pain. When she was done she kicked me into the cell again and throw me some bread for lunch and left.

The evening went very slowly and I was turning around in my cell many times lying as it was very cold. Not cold to freeze but difficult to relax completely. When night came I heard Mistress Rebeka coming again and she then gave me some food, sausages and bread and some wine and we talked little how the session was so far. She is very friendly and caring and then left for the night. The next day around lunchtime she came back this time dressed like a police officer making me go out on all fours again this time whipping me very hard on my back and ass. I can´t take very much pain but I did try my best. Mistress Rebeka looked stunning in her outfit. Then she kicked me back to the cell. In the evening she came back whipped me a bit and asked me if I wanted to have the last night free as we was going together to Stockholm the next day. I thought it was a good idea and went then from her cell to her studio for cleaning up and a lovely dinner. Then I went to the hotel and the next day I picked Mistress Rebeka up for going with me to Stockholm. I had invited Mistress Rebeka to stay at my place for a few days as my guest. I live in the city center in a nice apartment and I made one room there for her.

It was quite cold in Budapest and Stockholm was a bit warmer but as it lies very close to the water it feels much chilly. But the first day in Stockholm we went to the Wasa museum which is the thing to see in Stockholm, a bit complete ship from 1628 who sank on her voyager and was picked up complete from bottom of the harbor in Stockholm.
After that we took a nice walk in the Old City and then home. We had some good sushi at home and after that Mistress Rebeka wanted a session. I put out my whips and cuffs and waited for her naked while she got dressed. She put on the outfit she got from me for Christmas (you can see on the black-white picture on her site – from Stockholm) and came out to me. She tied me up on my knees and put nipple clamps on my nipples. She took a rope and attached it to the clamps and starting to pull on them hard while smiling and laughing at me. Then she kicked me into my walk-in-closet, made me lie on my back and tied my hands and legs together and locked me inside. After a while she came back and put nipple clamps on me and attached a rope to them fixing it against the wall. She then locked the door and left. As soon as I was moving my nipples was pulled against the wall and it was very very painful. Then after a long time she came back and relased me and that session was over.

The next day we went to a few museums and also saw the Royal Castle Armory to see different clothes and historical costumes. When back I made dinner for Mistress and me and afterward she told me she was in a play mood again and wanted to have a session. I got undressed again and waited. This time Mistress Rebeka had a different sexy leather outfit on and used the whip harder. I had a few whips and she tried them all. I ended up tied up in my closet again with my back against the door. I had to stand on my knees for a long time and when I could not take it anymore, Mistress Rebeka opened the door with a candle in her hand and let it drop on me from head to ass. It was very painful but very sexy. It is something special being tied up in ones one home hearing the Mistress moving around having full control.

The day Mistress Rebeka was going home we had one last session which was one of the best so far. Mistress had on her one of the dresses she got from me and I was tied on my stomach in to a hog tie while attached to the ceiling at the floor in the living room. Then she took the long whip I have and pulled it several times around my neck making it difficult for me to breath. As soon as I trying to move a bit to get some air, Mistress Rebeka leaned down and started to squeeze me nipples telling me that I was nice to show her what I wanted. I screamed and it was very painful to take but as soon as I moved again she just did the same thing towards the my other nipple. Then she stopped and told me to kiss her boots licking them clean. I laid there tied and with a long whip around my neck controlling my air and had to lick as good as possible. She gave me a few whips and told me I was good. Later when session was over she sat down in one chair and I crawled to her, kissing her boots, telling her that was the best session so far. I love when Mistress-slave starting to read each other and can expand more the limits.
Then sadly the next day Mistress Rebeka had to go home and I took her to the airport and waved her off. Hopefully she comes back soon.
It was a very nice and long time we had together and Mistress Rebeka is the same nice as I private as she is cruel when it’s a session. She is just fantasticJ.

(2017 : 01 : 15 - 12.21)
Idézet egy levélböl:
"Csodaszép az új képen, amit feltett.Látszik,hogy élvezi az utazást és feltöltödik.Ebben a ,,szerelésben" sokan megfordulnak Ön után az utcán (én is azt tenném, bár megszólítani nem merném). Ebben az öltözékben legalább olyan szexi, mint a szeánszokon szokott lenni.Nagyon van kisugárzása. Ahogy pestiesen mondják ez nem semmi."

(2016 : 10 : 27 - 13.32)
Utolsó képemen (szöke haj, sárga trikó) nem viselek semmilyen festéket az arcomon!

(2016 : 10 : 12 - 15.22)

"Láttam Önt a Nyugatiban a metrónál várakozni. Fekete börnadrágban és börtáska volt a karján."

" Rebeka láttalak a xxx benzinkutnál a kocsidnál. Egész biztos hogy Te voltál . Én voltam a benzinkutas aki odament hozzád. És a Rebeka nyaklánc ott volt a nyakadban."


Nem járok Bkv-val, így nem láthatott senki metrónál. Ami pedig a privát öltözködésemet illeti, ebben (is) konzervatív vagyok. Ritkán hordok nadrágot, az elegáns megjelenést kedvelem. Nincs mükörmöm, nincs tetoválásom, és hétköznapjaimon nem viselek sminket sem.

A második levél... nos, az valós lehet!

(2016 : 09 : 27 - 13.41)
Új képek láthatóak Rólam!

(2016 : 09 : 08 - 1.58)
Érdekes képek láthatóak a "Galéria" menüpontban.

(2016 : 09 : 08 - 1.54)
Idézet egy levélböl:

"Azon gondolkodtam, mi lehet a szeánszainak titka.Arra jutottam,hogy a figyelem a kulcs.Tudom,hogy a figyelem az energia.A szeánszokon pedig mindig magas fokú figyelmet tapasztaltam.A szeánsz idejére én is igyekeztem 100 %-ban Önre figyelni.Bár néha muszáj volt magamra figyelni,vagy csak elengedtem magam és élveztem a dolgokat.Amikor a kölcsönös egymásra figyelés müködött, akkor nagyon különleges hangulata volt a szeánsznak,tapintható volt az élvezetes csend.Ilyen csend mindig sok volt.Ha bármelyik szeánszunkról magam elé idézem az arcát,mindig a figyelem az ami elsönek beugrik.Köszönöm,hogy figyel rám és én figyelhetek Önre."

(2016 : 08 : 16 - 11.50)
6 nights of slavery with Mistress Rebeka!!

This summer I wanted to test my limits even more so I wanted again to have a session with Mistress Rebeka but this time 6 nights, 5 days.
I flew down to Budapest in late July and first went to Szekesfehervar and on to the wine districts around Lake Balaton for a day. It was a day of very nice scenery over Lake Balaton and very interesting wine tasting. On the evening I went back to Budapest for my meeting with Mistress Rebeka.
As I approached her studio I got that special feeling of both excitement and anxious in my stomach. I love that feeling even if it makes me a bit nervous.
Mistress Rebeka felt I was a bit stressed so she greeted me with some nice wine to make me relax. So after some talking, giving her some presents and a few glasses of wine and a quick shower I was ready for my journey.
Mistress Rebeka came into to studio dressed very sexy in leather outfit and tied me up against her cross. She loves CBT so she tied up my balls and pulled them. Then she continued with nipple torture, smiling so very sexy while squeezing my nipples so hard I almost started to sob. Mistress Rebeka changed my position now on my back with my legs up in the air, while she pulled hard on the rope around my balls. When she walked around me, dressed so sexy I tried to kiss her lovely ass which she was teasing me with. She put a direct stop to that by putting a leather band over my neck binding me to the bench. After pulling hard on my balls she changed position again and it was time for the cross again. She put a mask over my head and forced a gag into my mouth. I could not see anything but felt that she tied the rope around my balls to the other end of the room and started to hang heavy weights on it. It was very painful and on top of that she started to torture my nipples again very hard. Mistress Rebeka then took of mercy fo me and took away the cover of my eyes and took a selfie with her camera of herself and me tied to the cross. She was smiling and I looked very much like the defeated slave as I was…
The session was over and I got changed to go to the cell. Mistress Rebeka drove in her nice black car and I sat beside and started to feel very nervous and anxious again. I remember that I asked this time for even more harsh treatment, more punishment, constant bondage, pitch black cell, limited food and to be forced to cry. We arrived and as I went down the stairs my heart started to beat very hard. I put the water I brought with me into the cell and checked that the other things was there, bucket for my waste, toilet paper and blankets. I was ready. Mistress Rebeka ordered me to get naked and then locked me into my cell, while giving me the sweetest smile. I was tired and felt also a bit from the stress and alcohol and fell into sleep very quick.

Day 1:
In the cell it is pitch black in the night and I also asked Mistress to blacken the windows more to make it even darker. She put a cover over one of the windows and when morning came and later early day, the cell was quite dark.
Previous times in the cell it is almost possible to calculate the time depending on how the sun lights into the cell but this time it was impossible. When morning came as soon as I heard a sound my heart started to beat and I was trying to hear if the front door to the basement would be opened. Time has a wonderful way to play trick with the mind and I had no idea what time it was. Suddenly the front door to the basement opened and the light went on and I heard her coming down the steps. I quickly rose up and was ready for her. She unlocked the door and screamed for me to come out on all fours. I went outside the cell in the basement and she put leather bands on my hands and feet’s connecting them together like a kneeling hogtie. She looked very cruel and sexy and started to hit my face and to spit in my face. Mistress Rebeka then took a dildo and put in front of her and ordered me to suck it as the slut I was. It was big and black. I tried my best to suck and to deep throat that dildo and was almost gagging on it. Mistress took it out from my mouth a couple of times spit on it and pushed it back in my mouth again. I was looking up into her face while I was sucking and I saw her cruel lovely face and how much she enjoyed how she was treating me. She started to press on my nipples again, this time even harder and I felt back on the ground of the pain. While on the ground Mistress Rebeka took her shoes and with her heel started to press on my nipple scratching it. I was screaming, she then ordered me back into the cell. Mistress Rebeka then thrown some white bread to me for lunch and went away. My heart started to beat very hard while I eat that bread and drank my water. I lay back in my cell and tried to sleep while the day went on and night settled in. In the night I heard the sound of opening of the basement door again, the turning of the lock. Mistress Rebeka came down dressed very sexy and opened the hatch in the door and asked how I was. We talked some and I also got some sausages and bread. This is one thing I do very much like about Mistress Rebeka, she is always concern about how the slave is and that all goes well. A good Mistress should always check those things and for that I respect her very much. That night I slept thinking of Mistress Rebeka and what would happen the next days.

Day 2:
Around lunchtime Mistress Rebeka came down again to the cell and screamed for me to get out. She had her arm binder with her and put it on me and a mask. She took out a cigarette and started to smoke and ordered me to open my mouth so she could use me as an ash tray. Mistress smoked and used the burning cigarette to tease me and burning a few hairs on my body. She used my mouth for her ash and ordered me to swallow and chew it. It tasted awful but she is the Mistress so I just have to obey. When finish she put her hands over my nose and mouth for some breath play. She is very strong and I had problem with breathing and after a while she let me go and sent me back to the cell. She took a few pictures and spat on my face and throws me some more white bread to eat and left. Before she closed the cell door she gave me a piece of paper with about 10 Hungarian word and sentences to learn until next time. Mistress told me that I better learn how to pronounce them and learn what they meant or face her punishment.
As the evening came I sat in the cell trying to learn Hungarian and I can say it is not easy. I started to feel even more nervous. I asked for harder treatment and I got exactly that. I later fell asleep and later in the night I heard the key to the basement opened and the lights went on. I stood up in the cell while I heard the Mistress coming down the stairs. I tried to look out true some small holes in the cell door but I could not see anything. Mistress was making some noise doing something then I heard her go up the stairs again and turning of the lights. I started to be afraid as I felt she was testing me and I had no idea what would come, if she would come back or not.
A few minutes later lights went on and I heard her come down. She opened the cell door and had a terrible sexy leather outfit on. She ordered me to the cross in the basement and tied me hard up against it. Mistress Rebeka then took her whip and started to swing the whip around in the air making a swishing noise with it. She started to question me about the homework I got in Hungarian language. I tried my best to answer but not to her satisfaction and she started to whip my back hard, lash after lash, one for every mistake I did. I started to make sounds so she took one of her stockings and tape it into my mouth to make me silent. She continued whipping me harder than ever before and it was very very painful…
When she was finished I was sent back to the cell.
I waited as I hope she would give me some food for dinner. She opened the hatch in the door and gave me a plate with some meet on. As I reach to take the plate she lean forward and spat into my face and on the food and closed the hatch. She told me she was not satisfied with my learning of Hungarian and it would be harder tomorrow. 10 seconds later the lights went off and she was locking the basement door. I ate the meat in the pitch black cell while Mistress Spit was running down my face. I did not care, the meat tasted like something I eaten on the best restaurants. But I felt vulnerable and I knew I was totally dependent on my Mistress whim for my wellbeing. That night I slept a bit more difficult with sore back going true my Hungarian words again and again.

Day 3:
Mistress came down and lunchtime with some sausage and bread and we talked a bit how the session had been. I also told her that it was being difficult with such a black cell so she agreed to take away the cover over the window. I said it before and I will again, being a slave it is always very interesting thinking and planning tougher life for being in the cell, like pitch black or being in bondage all the time. But in reality it is very difficult if not impossible to deal with. If the cell is black you lose time perception and that plays with your mind a lot. If I would have been in bondage all the time it would have been impossible to go to the toilet without making a mess and also eating and daily living would have been very difficult. Fantasy and reality is not always the same. And I am glad that Mistress Rebeka knows this, and she does!
In the evening she came back, dressed so very sexy in leather jacket and very tiny leather panties. She had prepared a foldable bed outside my cell which she put me on. Mistress Rebeka started to whip me hard on my back asking me again questions about my homework. It went a bit better this time but when I screamed too much she came close to me and said she wanted me to take the pain and to shut up. She turned me around and with her hand she started to play with my balls. She started to squeeze my left ball very hard while I was squirming on the bed. Mistress Rebeka took her leather boot and dragged it over my nipples while I was screaming. She then took her boot and put it onto my mouth making me to lick under her boot. It was very dirty filled with earth and stones, but she was holding my balls in her hand and looked so cruel and determined that I licked, I put my tongue under her boot and licked off the dirt and swallowed it all. I was her slave and she was in total control.
When she thought I had enough I was let back into my cell. I got a new paper with new Hungarian words/sentences to learn. While I stood in my cell I was almost shaking of fear as the session was very intense. Mistress Rebeka opened the hatch and asked me if I wanted more water. Before I manage to answer she started to shake a bottle of water and sprayed it all over me. I was completely wet and what was worse so was my bed as it was soaked also in water. I understood why she did it, she was very disappointed of my Hungarian language studies so this was the punishment. That night I slept in a wet bed getting a bit more scared and anxious then before.

Day 4:
I waked up and started to repeat and trying to understand my Hungarian homework, again not easy. But I manage to spend some hours with it. At lunchtime Mistress came down and asked how I was while giving me some bread and meet. She told me to practice hard as she would test me in the evening. She left and I continued to practice. When darkness fell I manage to get some more sleep.
In the night I heard the key again and the basement front door open. Mistress came down and opened the cell door. This time she was dressed as a very sexy nurse in white bra and panties with red crosses on. She tied me up on my back on the bed again. Mistress told me I was a bad boy and she the nurse would help me with my problems. She took my balls in her hands again, and started to squeeze them hard while asking me about my Hungarian homework. It was so painful and the mixture of pain and difficult Hungarian language made me do a lot of mistakes. Mistress leaned forward against me telling me to shut up of it would be even worse. I tried hard to be silent but after a while I started to scream again. Mistress stopped and threw me back into my cell. I got some bread and sausages and was told that my Hungarian speaking was awful.

Day 5:
Mistress came down during lunch time completely dressed in black leather. She was very cruel and tough and tied me up on my stomach against the bed. Mistress asked me question about my homework and it did not go well for me, so she started to whip me very very hard. This was the hardest whipping I had so far. Mistress Rebeka come forward towards me and whispered in my ear that she wanted to make me cry, she wanted to see tears in my eyes. She was whipping so hard that I cracked and was crying and sobbing. I had reached my limit and I was broken…
Mistress stopped and gave me some food and wine and threw me back into the cell. In the evening she came back and asked how I was and how it all felt. We talked some and I had asked for the last night to have the cell door unlocked. She agreed to it and I slept well that evening even though my back was completely destroyed from the Mistresses whip.
The next day she picked me up from the cell and we went back to her studio. I showered and she gave me some very nice homemade food she did. Mistress is a very good cook and makes excellent food. I later left the studio and spend one day in Budapest to relax before going back to Sweden on plane.
So what to say…each new session with Mistress Rebeka become better and better. We know each other better now and what I like about her is that she always wants to improve and put new things into our plays. She is the perfect Mistress, always extremely clean and neat. Always use protective gloves in all she does and she really cares for the slave and wants to know that he is well and into the play also. That respect and caring I admire and that is also what makes Mistress Rebeka other best Mistresses I meet so far.


Enjoy the view.

(2016 : 06 : 08 - 20.24)
Angliából, és Máltáról kaptam a lejjebb olvasható leveleket.

Sessions at Mistress Rebeka's (2016 : 06 : 07 - 21.44)
Letter from England:

I visited Mistress Rebeka for the first time this year in April. I was fascinated by her fetish costumes which I had seen on her website, and of course her beautiful figure. When I arrived the first time she was wearing a very sexy shiny black two piece costume with very short mini skirt, and long boots above the knee, that took my breath away. I had prepared myself for a session with her and had explained that I wanted to be whipped and have some CBT and nipple torture. I had shaved my pubic area, all around my balls, and around my nipples and chest, so that Mistress would be able to easily rope them up and torture them. Firstly we had a warm up session by whipping me with a horse whip, exquisitely, while standing strapped to the cross. Mistress does this so methodically, carefully moving around the full area of my back side. She then stretched and tied my balls up and suspended a very heavy weight from them, while I was still strapped to the cross. She playfully kicked the weight so that it swung like a pendulum. We both laughed at that. This is what I like about the Mistress, she makes the whole BDSM experience a fun outing, where we can both get maximum pleasure. I am a masochist of course, and She is a beautiful sadistic Mistress who complements me so well. Then we went over to the torture bench where I laid on my back and had my arms and legs and balls roped and stretched by overhead pulleys. During this process, I was able to observe the mistress' very cute bottom, peeping out from under her short skirt, and admire her beautiful thighs as they brushed past me. I would have had a very hard erection, except that there were strong clamps on my balls and the head of my penis. Oh what ecstasy! My nipples were clamped and also stretched from above. We finished off with another whipping, just to assert her authority over me, her humble slave. I was so pleased, that I booked another session two days later.On the 2nd session, I took my camera, and asked Mistress, if she would be so kind as to take some photos of her work on me. No problems, Mistress Rebeka was happy to take photos. We repeated the earlier session routine with some extra variations, which was very satisfying for both of us. I was pleased that the mistress enjoyed the session too. This is a slaves's duty after all, to please his Mistress. During this session, I was privileged to have some delicious refreshment whilst strapped to the torture bench. The mistress left to empty her bladder into a plastic cup and bring it to me with flexible straw which allowed me to drink whilst bound to bench. It was Deliciously sweet.. Hot golden nectar from a hot Mistress. More delightful views of her thighs from the bench top as she walked around and tied up my balls. After the bench, against the cross again, with heavy weight tied and hanging from my balls. Then whipping quite hard. I'm going up on tip toe, up and down at each lash to savour the pain. The weight is swinging. Mistress kicks the weight with her boot and it swings more, while she whips me. The jolt of the weight stretching my balls, is more delightful.. Then a short rest with some more refreshment as before. None wasted I drank it all and savoured every delicious drop. What a special treat for a slave. Then I am to stand in floor pillory feet and hands bent down with my back side in the air. Perfect positioning for another whipping. Mistress is so expert with the whip, completely covers the whole of my bottom, both cheeks and around the sides.. Mistress told me later, that she loved having the freedom to do what she wanted to do. She felt a perfect dominatrix, which she is.! For a few days afterwards the bruising appeared on the side of my cheeks and darkened to a black mark. I was happy about that, as it prolonged the enjoyable experience for some days. I photographed this when I returned to London. You can see a photo of this now on Mistress Rebeka's web page under slave photos. I am so proud of that. I am planning to go back for some more sessions next year. We are corresponding and planning some exciting new tortures for us both to enjoy. I can't wait to be with Mistress again, and I miss her very much. I thoroughly recommend Mistress to any potential slave who wants to have a great BDSM experience with a very beautiful sadistic Mistress.
Norman, London

(2016 : 06 : 07 - 21.42)
Letter from Malta:

i had been browsing online for days, looking for a great Hungarian Mistress to serve. as soon as i came across Mistress Rebeka's website, i immediately knew that She was the only one Mistress i wished to serve. Her beauty, Her look and piercing eyes make Her irresistible. i endlessly looked through Her pictures, wondering if i would find the courage to call, and already knowing there was only one answer to that.
As an afterthought, it is the best thing i did to myself. my worries, on whether i could trust, or if She would respect my (very few) limits, went away as soon as we spoke for a minute. Domina Rebeka is a rarity, a gem, and a truly great Mistress; dominant, sexy, sadistic and in charge, yet not for a second did i feel worried, or not well cared after. She kept me in a trance during a whole 2 hour session, lusting and begging for more.
And indeed, i did book another session, for the day after - a dodgy couple of hours before my flight back home, and not being 100% sure if i would make it on time to the airport. i thought about this during the session, and the only thing that came to mind was "...who cares, it's totally worth it!"

To me, bdsm / femdom is not only about lust, but also a total power exchange, trust... two people exploring new mental places and states... and i was not disappointed from any of this. Here is a Mistress that is hot, sexy, sadistic, looks amazing, but is also smart, honest, trustworthy, hygienic in procedures, and extremely professional.

i can only find attraction and gratitude in Her regards. Definitely do recommend, and look forward to meeting again.

Thank You Mistress.

(2016 : 05 : 23 - 23.11)
Új képek láthatóak Rólam! A ruha, amelyet viselek arany gumianyagból készült!

(2016 : 05 : 04 - 16.29)
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Sokan járnak Hozzám, NINCS szükségem új szolgákra!

(2016 : 03 : 02 - 1.37)
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Ha valaki nagyon el szeretne Velem tölteni egy szeánszot, irjon e mailt. ( Cimem weboldalamon látható.) Ha levele intelligens, tisztelettudó, és felkeltette az érdeklödésemet, reagálni fogok rá!

(2016 : 01 : 06 - 13.11)
Cellámban 4 napot, és 5 éjszakát töltött el szolgám!
Képek láthatóak róla a "Cella/Pince" menüpontban!

New Year´s Eve in Mistress Rebeka´s cell! (Winter slavery for 4 days and 5 nights)

I visited Mistress Rebeka several times before in the past. I did not have time this summer but I very much wanted to see her before the end of the year so I thought why not make this New Year´s Eve a bit special…
I flew down to Budapest and had first a very nice time at the Széchnyi Baths and also a trip with guide to Tata castle and Komárom fortress and ended it with wine and palinka tasting. I love Hungary, and it is my 8th time here!
And what best to end all this then a visit to the best Mistress in Budapest, Mistress Rebeka.

I wanted to do one session first and then to spend some time in her cell as her prisoner, the difference would be that this time it would be much colder. Being Swedish, coldness is something we are used to and it is really not a problem, just one has to be more careful and protective. Also we talked very much about my imprisonment before and it was decided I would have several blankets (totally 8) and also card board boxes for the floor to protect from coldness. I wanted it all this time to be tougher than before, having more pain, being more afraid, constant bondage, try CBT, pony play, breath play, being forced to eat dog/cat food and of course harder whipping.

I came to Mistress Rebeka´s studio on the evening on the 30th of December. She greeted me in her latex dress with the warmest smile and she gave me some food, we talked some and I gave her some late Christmas presents. Then she told me to get ready for the session.

She tied me up against the wall with hands and legs stretched. Then she took a rope around my cock and balls and tied it hard. She took the rope and connected it to the other side of the wall. Then she started to take out weights and hanged them on the rope, stretching out my cock and balls further and further. All this time she was smiling towards me and when she has hanged around 8 different weights, she came towards me, starting to squeeze my nipples very hard, all the time smiling looking in my eyes. I started to feel a lot of pain. She put on some more weights then she started to pull the rope from one side to another. She then came close to me, squeezed my nipples even harder and put one hand around my throat, squeezing hard. She went around me, took her hands around my throat and squeezed it hard again. It is really wonderful to see a Mistress who really loves what she does and when you can feel this in her mood, see it in her eyes the feeling is really amazing. Then she takes the rope and wraps it around her perfect body pulling it, teasing me, looking in my eyes. She asked if I liked it and she looked so beautiful and sexy that I told her I would love hugging and kissing her. Mistress Rebeka smiled even more, said “Wrong answer” and started to pull even more, the rope really went in my balls and it was very painful. Then she took the rope and starting to pull it from one side to another with all the weights telling me to keep it moving. She came forward towards me, me with the rope and weights in motion, took both her hands starting to squeeze two nipples extremely hard. She then stopped turned me around and started to whip my sides with a whip. I cannot take whipping so hard but I tried but after a while I was begging her to stop. She stopped and put me on my stomach on the bench, tied me up and started to do Bastinado (foot whipping), also very painful. Then she took on belt wrap it around my throat and was squeezing. I looked up and so her standing there so very powerful, sexy, smiling and loving what she was doing and it felt really great. After that she let me go and I was forced to go on my knees kissing her boots thanking her for the session. It was time to go to the cell.

We drove to her cell in her very nice black car and it was dark outside and also starting to be colder. We arrived and I went into the cell, put the cardboard boxes on the floor covering it. She gave me some wine and water and the blankets and also asked if she should come early in the morning to check me up as she was afraid it was too cold in the cell for me. This is what I love about her, she always put security first and that is so very good. I said it is ok and no need. It is like when I did my army service, it is very important to know how the body works when under stress or pressure and what can happen if fatigue or being cold. She then said good night and locked the cell, my cell life would start.

Thursday 31/12: As I had the cardboard boxes on the ground I never felt any cold from there. Also the 8 blankets were really good and warm, and I also was fully clothed. I am so glad Mistress Rebeka understood that my wish of being in constant bondage, in a cold cell, having a lot of blankets to deal with, and only a bucket for toilet is really not possible and also a bit dangerous. Sometimes a slaves wish and fantasy is not safe enough to work out in practice. But it is again why a professional Mistress who knows her things is the best.

Sleeping was ok and the first night in the cell is always a bit different and many ideas go true the head. The only problem when I waked up was that it was difficult to know the time, as the sun light came in much later then in the summer. So I understood that the cell was going to be much darker than before. I lay awake relaxing, having a lot of things going on in my mind then later around lunch I heard that the Mistress was outside the front door of the entrance to the underground cell. My heart started to beat fast and I stood up and waited for her. She slowly opened the door, turned on the light and I heard her boots clicking on the stairs down to the cell. My heart started to beat even faster and I almost was shaking from anticipation. She unlocked the door and screamed for me to come out on all fours. I went outside she put a blanket on my back and said, time for pony play. She sat on my back and rode me around in the room. Mistress Rebeka is very light but I was trembling as I did not want to make any mistakes. She stood up, and started to kick my balls doing some ball busting, also painful. Then she screamed to me to get into the cell, kicked me on my way back on all fours and locked the door. She gave me some hot food and went away. I sat eating and was shaking as I felt the experience was harder than before. But again that is what I requested…

Then around 4-5 in the afternoon the sun started to go down and it became pitch black in the cell. It is really impossible to see anything. I lay down under my blankets, and relaxed did much thinking again. Then after a long time suddenly I hear the sounds of someone walking again upstairs with high heels on the floor and my heart beat went up. Mistress Rebeka then came down the stairs. She open the cell door scream to me to get out on all fours. I got out and she took me to the cross. She put an armbinder on me and tied me up on my knees with my arms above my head on then tied my arms to the cross facing her. Mistress put on me a mask covering with only one eye free, the other covered and then went away for a scotch tape. She started to wrap it around my head several times covering my mouth so I could breathe only from my nose. She came towards me and pinched my nose shut and held her hand hard against my throat. She took her boot and started to press it down hard against my cock kicking it. I was very afraid and was looking up to her with only one eye from my mask looking at her face. She looked so cruel, tough and determined. She was testing me I know, wanting to see my limits and she did. She pinched my nose for a while, then let go, let me breathe and then she did it again, kicking my balls harder. I was totally exhausted when she let me go back to the cell again, kicking me while I was moving on all fours. When it was done, she locked the door opened the small hatch in the door and I got some more food and she asked if I was ok and how it was. This is what I do love, Mistress Rebeka cares, she knows when to go into the role and also when to check up if the slave is ok. I said it was very good and I really enjoyed the session and the breath play. She smiled and asked me how I was going to spend my New Year’s Eve and I told her, I would spend it in her cell, locked in, thinking only of her. She smiled and closed the hatch and turned off the light going up the stairs. Later that night I lay in the cell thinking about the experience, how it really is to be a slave to a Mistress with no rights, none at all, only to be used by her according to her will and wicked ideas. I loved it. As the end of year 2016 was approaching, I started to hear the New Year´s rockets outside. I manage to sleep very satisfying that the experience so far was a very new and interesting way to spend the beginning of the New Year.

Friday 1/1: Sleeping during the night was still very much ok in the cell, the blankets where more than enough to keep warm. I even took of some of my clothes from my body. Main thing is to move around, turning, not to let the toes, fingers or nose to get cold. Also standing up jumping a bit moving around also keeps the time moving. One thing to remember is to drink water; the food for the slave is little (as it should) and if one don’t want head ache, water is very much needed. And there is always plenty water in the cell. Also it is good to lose some weight after all Christmas eating.
Around lunch time Mistress Rebeka comes to the cell, I had the same heart beating as always. She orders me out from the cell on all fours. Then she ties my hands behind my back and ordered me to bend forward. She started to kick my balls from behind again, harder this time. She put on me the mask, covering now the second eye so I was complete blinded. She told me to lie on my back on the ground and tied up my legs. She pulled up my clothes so my stomach was free and started to whip it. Then she told me to open my mouth wide. I lay wondering if she was going to give me her Golden Nectar or what was going to happen, so I was both scared and excited. She then poured something in my mouth ordered me to swallow and not to spill. It turned out to be wine. Then I was released and ordered back to my cell and given food.
In the evening Mistress Rebeka came down to the cell opened the small hatch in the cell door and ordered me to stretch out my hands. She then had a ruler which she whipped them with. I looked at her and she was dressed as a teacher, telling me she was and that she needed to teach me some respect. She whipped some more on my hands and then I was given food true the hatch and she left and turned off the lights.

Saturday 2/1: Around lunch time Mistress came down to the cell and screamed for me to get out on all fours. I did and she put the armbinder on me again this time tying me up facing the cross, with the armbinder tied above my head against the wall. Mistress then took the mask out and put it on me so I could not see anything. She then put something soft in my mouth and pushed it in hard and then I realized it was Mistress Rebeka´s used pantyhose as I could smell her perfume. She then took out her favorite long whip and started to whip the sides of my back. It was very painful and after some lashes I really felt I could not take more, trying to beg for mercy. Mistress gave me a few more lashes and then took me down from the cross and back to the cell. When she gave me food I asked her if this was consider a hard whipping or not, but she smiled towards me and said this whipping I got was between light and medium whipping on her scale.
I needed to check up my mobile phone for some mails so Mistress Rebeka was kind enough to take it with her and handed it over to me. We talked some more I checked my mails and then she closed the hatch in the door and started walking up the stairs. Then I realized I still had the phone with me. I thought if I should call her back telling her, but I thought stupid enough I should not do it as it would be nice to play maybe a game or so in the cold dark night alone, in the cell. Suddenly I hear the sound of her walking up the stairs stopped and she started to come down again. She comes to the door opened the hatch and asked for the phone. I felt very stupid and said I was sorry and forgot about it. Mistress Rebeka said this was a very stupid mistake of a slave and punishment would be severe, I begged for forgiveness but she just shut the hatch of the door very hard and left. I knew she was very irritated and pissed off. When she left I lay under the blankets started to think what she would do, almost trembling of fear and anxiousness. The darkness came and as soon I heard any noise from upstairs my heart started to beat so very loud and fast.

Suddenly in the pitch dark I hear the entrance door opens up and the sound of Mistress Rebeka comes down the stairs. She opens up the door and screams very hard to me to get out from the cell on all fours. I am kicked towards her cage in the room and she ties me up on my knees on the bars facing the cage. She asked if I still think me forgetting the phone was a funny thing. I said no and that I was so very sorry, she screamed for me to shut up. I did not dare saying another word. She took out her favorite whip again, started to hit me hard on my back, and after 6-10 lashes asked me again if I thought my action was funny. I said it was not funny and I was very sorry and stupid forgetting to give my telephone back to her. She continued to whip my back harder with another 5 hard lashes.
I tried to look at her to show her with my eyes that I was sorry for my mistake. Mistress saw it came towards me hitting me hard on my cheeks telling me I was not worthy of looking at her. She stood behind me squeezed my nipples, this time harder than before. I screamed as the pain was intense. She stopped went a bit back and asked if I still thought the whole situation was a funny. I begged her and said I was truly very sorry for being a stupid slave trying to fool her with my phone. Mistress Rebeka said, then this is the price for you trying to fool me and then she started to whip my back again for at least 20 lashes. I was complete exhausted and in pain and very frightened. Then she stopped took me away from the cross and kicked me on all fours back to my cell again. When locked the door she opened the hatch and gave me some food.
She asked if I was ok and I said I was and thanked her for the whipping. Mistress then looked at me, closed the hatch hard and went upstairs and turned off the light. I sat back in the pitch dark cell, felt the pain in my back and understood that time the hard way that never try to fool Mistress Rebeka or underestimate her. So lesson learned, she was totally right of course.

Sunday 3/1: I felt the temperature felt that night outside but still under all my blankets I was ok, just I needed to turn around a bit more. Because the darkness was so long it is just best to mediate in the cell, to go true things in the past of what is going to be done in the future. That is also one thing why Mistress Rebeka´s cell is very good for me, very good time to make an inner journey just relaxing from all stress. It takes about 2 days to come to be complete relaxed in the cell. But I always know the Mistress comes for me and she comes twice a day, it never fail and that is a very safe a reassuring feeling.
Around lunch time the Mistress comes to the cell again. She took me out on all fours and kicked me in her cage with my mask on with only opening for the mouth. She takes a long stick and start to poke me in the cell, laughing at me, poking my sides hard and aiming for my cock. She drags the stick along the cage bars making the noise even more loudly. As I cannot see her and also get very disoriented by the noise I never know where she will poke me next. After some minutes I just sit breathing hard trembling on the cage floor for what will happen. Mistress took out her camera pictures of me laughing. Then I was let out from the cage and kicked while crawling on all fours back to my cell. I was given some sausages and bread and Mistress left the cell.
The darkness started to settle and after a while it was pitch black again in the cell. I lay wondering what will be this last evening in store for me. As soon I heard any noise from upstairs my heart started to beat faster and louder so it was impossible to hear what happened outside. The anticipation, excitement and also fear what will happen when she comes down the stairs is a major part of the game for me. I know when Mistress Rebeka opens the door upstairs coming down the stairs; it will mean either pain or food or both. And I have no idea of what kind of play she will make. But that is what being a slave is all about being used by the Mistress for her pleasure as it fits her. The upstairs cell door suddenly opens up and I hear her coming down the stairs. I stand in attention in my cell wondering what will happen. She screams from outside the door for me to stand on all four inside my cell facing the wall. Mistress opens up and suddenly I get about 10 hard lashes on my back. I screamed and started to wiggle begging for mercy. She stopped; I turned around and was greeted with the warmest smile ever from Mistress. She tells me now the full session is over and that she would collect me in next morning. I begged her not to lock the cell door and she kindly agreed. Mistress then said, you wanted to eat dog/cat food so she gave me a can of cat food telling me to enjoy my last meal in her cell laughing. She was kind enough to give me a bottle of wine also which was a perfect ending of a perfect long session. I asked her if I had been a good slave and she said I was. I also asked her about the intensity of the whipping she gave me all this time, if it ever was consider a hard whipping. Mistress Rebeka than told me smiling that this was just medium whipping.

This is also what I do love about Mistress Rebeka. Yes I asked for harder whipping this time, and she stepped it up, from light to medium. She can of course whip very hard but she knows I cannot take it yet. Also I asked for cat/dog food, but again being in a cold dark cell, with all that blankets and only a bucket for toilet, eating something like that is not always good, as I have no idea how my stomach would react. Mistress Rebeka knows that and that is what I love, her professionalism. The next day she picked me up when it was snowing outside and we went back to her studio for some very nice lunch before my flight back to Sweden.

Now back in Sweden thinking about it all I must say that is was the best session so far. The more we meet and play and get to know each other the better it gets. I said before and I will again, Mistress Rebeka is extremely professional; she loves her work and enjoys what she does. She loves inflicting pain and especially with the whip. She might look cruel and tough and she is, but that is part of her going into the role of the Mistress. She has a very lovely personality, is charming and delightful and we always have very good intelligent conversations before and after sessions. She always looks after the slave, seeing how he is doing and that he is all right, even after a tough session. She is extremely clean and always uses disposable gloves when she is in contact with the slave. This I respect very much as safeness and cleanliness in this type of play is extremely important.
When I first started to visit Budapest and was looking for a Mistress I found a off adverts on internet. But when I looked into these adverts more careful I realized that almost all of them where in reality only prostitutes with a whip. Many prostitutes try to attract new customers, to get more money by pretending to be a Mistress of experience, showing sexual pics with themselves with whips and handcuffs. I can understand why they do it, but it is one thing just to do a service for money and another being a Mistress in the soul and heart. Also being whipped a little by a girl then getting a hand job is not what I call a BDSM session. Me being a slave and also knowing what I want, I rather pay money to a real Mistress for professionalism, security, cleanliness and a mind challenging play then to a prostitute trying to pretend what they are not.
Many slaves around are also day dreamers and rather fantasize about meeting a real Mistress then not actually doing it. It can depend of fear, money issue or other things. At my first session with a professional Mistress I was frightened also, and did not want to take the step into doing it, but my curiosity was too much, so I did. I am very glad for it, I never regret and the experience and satisfaction gets better every time. The more you try the more you understand yourself and what kind of plays you yourself likes. And then finally you meet a Mistress which you are very compatible with and can consider your Mistress.
When it comes to money I think like this, good things and good experiences in life cost money, yes they do. And that is the beauty of it, if things where to easy one would easily get bored. But to build up an excitement, anticipation, going over the session again and again in your mind before actually doing it is very nice. And then when you finally meet the Mistress and pay for the session you know that her expertise and knowledge will make that session getting you exactly what you want and the experience and your memories of it will keep you glad for a long time. Life is way too short not to try the things you want to, to turn your fantasy into reality. Later when you are older you will regret not doing it. That is why I think as a slave, if you have doubts into trying Mistress Rebeka, put it away, try a session, you will never regret it.
This was a very long review but I wanted to share this experience with those interested to read it. It was for me an intense but also a very enjoyable long session. And now it is just for me to think up what play to do next time and how to make it even harder. For me I made my choice when it comes to have a Mistress for life, I am truly dedicated to one Mistress, Mistress Rebeka SharonJ.

(2015 : 11 : 19 - 1.48)


"A múltkor olvastam a bejegyzések közt egy részt ahol azt írták látták Önt egy bevásárlóközpontban.Ennek hatására arról fantáziáltam,hogy jó lenne Önt civilben látni,de úgy ,hogy az inkognitója ne sérüljön,és akkor amikor Önnek is jó.Az jutott eszembe,-bár nem tudom kivitelkezhetö-e,-ha olyan idöpontban megy mikor én is oda tudok menni,megadja ,hogy hol és meddig kellene lennem.Csak a példa kedvéért: szombaton a Westendben 13-15 között a szökökútnál álldogálni vagy sétálni.Ön elintézi ami a dolga és közben engem is ellenörizhet,és ha úgy gondolja megkérdezheti mennyi az idö vagy valami hasonló semleges kérdést intézhet hozzám.Esetleg elsétál az orrom elött úgy ,hogy lássam,de szó nélkül.Érdekes lenne egy ilyen titkos játék,amiröl csak mi tudnánk,hogy miröl szól és Önt sem akadályozná semmiben.Az is benne van a játékban,hogy Ön megnéz ,de nem fedi fel magát elöttem,csak este jelzi levélben."

,,Élménybeszámoló a találkozóról:
Rebeka Úrnö 12.45.-ös idöpontot jelölt meg egy budai bevásárlóközpont elött.Jóval a megbeszélt idöpont elött odaértem.Szürke felhök az égen és hideg.Nagyon izgultam,hogy elmúljon sétáltam egyet az áruházban,majd a kellö idöben a megbeszélt helyre mentem és vártam,hogy megjelenjen az Úrnöm.Nem tudtam milyen öltözék lesz rajta,ezért figyelmesen megnéztem mindenkit,aki kicsit is emlékeztetett rá, s közben arra gondoltam csak nehogy elmulasszam észrevenni Öt.Nem tudom pontosan mennyi idö telt így el figyelve a járókelöket,akiken mindenféle színü kabát elöfordult,leginkább fekete és szürke,de sok más szín is.Egyszer csak ott volt a lépcsö tetején és felém jött.Fekete kabátot viselt,én azonban csak a mosolygó szemét láttam.Odajött hozzám és megkérdezte:-Meg tudná mondani mennyi az idö,mert otthon felejtettem a telefonom.Elvesztem a szemében,elbüvölt a mosolya.Majdnem meg kellett ismételni a kérdést,annyira ,,lefagyott" az agyam.Összeszedtem magam és válaszoltam neki.Megköszönte.Elindult le a lépcsön.Huncut mosollyal visszanézett rám:- Szép napunk van ma.Remélem eljön akire vár.Viszontlátásra.Szépen lassan kisétált a látómezömböl.Én még egy darabig ott vártam ,hátha visszajön.Aztán elindultam haza.Szép napom volt aznap."

(2015 : 10 : 20 - 12.33)
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"Kedves Rebeka!
Talán nem veszed tolakodásnak, ha megirom neked, hogy láttalak a M××××× üzletházban. A második emeleten jöttél velem szembe. Hiába volt rajtad szemüveg, egyböl felismertelek.
Elég vicces volt, ahogy a férfiak bámultak téged:DD Kiváncsi lettem volna, hányan tudják közülük ki vagy te!:D Én rögtön felismertelek a képeid alapján. Rám csak egyszer néztél közönyösen, amikor a liftben találkozott a pillantásunk. Te szerintem az a tipus vagy aki hozzá van szokva a rajongáshoz.Mondjuk nem csodálom.Aztán a mélygarázsban láttam ahogy beülsz egy fekete A××× ××-ba és elhajtasz. Hát csak ennyit akartam leirni.Én valószinüleg sosem leszek a rabszolgád és nem fogunk találkozni, mert a normál szex hive vagyok, ami nálad nem lehet, mivel az érinthetetlen domina kategóriába tartozol. De egy élmény volt téged látni:DDDD"

(2014 : 10 : 01 - 17.12)
Tengerparti képeimböl látható az utolsó kettö!

(2014 : 09 : 20 - 20.18)
Én és a tengerpart

Ismét két új kép látható Rólam!

(2014 : 09 : 14 - 1.04)
Én és a tenger

Egy kép látható új fotósorozatomból!

(2014 : 09 : 03 - 11.40)
Köszönöm azoknak, akik nem felejtették el a névnapomat a sok sms-t, e mailt, verset, ajándékot!

(2014 : 08 : 29 - 1.20)

Nem tudom magamban tartani,muszáj elküldenem már most a névnapi versét.

R agyogó mosoly delejez szeméböl.
E rö sugárzik kezéböl.
B elsö tartás árad testéböl.
E léje járulók magukat kezébe,bizalommal helyezik.
K itárja szívét,ha jól kérdezik.
A d, s így százszor visszakap,titka ebben rejlik.

Szeptember 02. REBEKA nap

Jelentése: megkötözö, megigézö, megbabonázó

(2014 : 08 : 02 - 0.44)
Levél részlet:
"A rózsaszínhez furcsán viszonyulok,mert szerintem keveseknek áll jól,de az Ön képei egyre jobban tetszenek.Olyan ez mint a Dr. Szöszi címü film egy kicsit lányos,kicsit giccses is,de egy okos szöke nöröl szól aki így rózsaszínben önmaga.Nekem tetszenek az okos szökék,akik közé Úrnöm is sorolható."

(2014 : 07 : 24 - 12.13)
Kedves Úrnöm,
Gratulálok a hírek közé feltett legújabb levélhez.Bizonyára nagy örömmel olvas az ember egy ilyen levelet.Igaz én az Ön helyében megijednék egy ilyen levéltöl,mert nem tudom,hogy kell jól kezelni az ezzel járó felelösséget.Önt ismerve,nem félek attól,hogy a felelösséggel nem megfelelöen bánik.Lehet valami a kisugárzásában ,ami a képeken is nagyon átjön (az újakon egész biztosan) ,ha valaki ilyen bizalommal tud lenni Ön iránt.Nagyon is megértem,én sem bántam meg az Önbe vetett bizodalmam. :) További sok sikert ,és szép napot (estét).
Tisztelettel zoltán

(2014 : 07 : 22 - 1.26)
Levél egy leendö szolgától:
"Kedves Domina Rebeka!
Szeretném elöször is leszögezni,hogy Önnél tehetségesebb Úrnöt még nem láttam.Még sosem jártam Önnél,de minden álmom,hogy Önt szolgálhassam.
Minden álmom,hogy Ön engem kénye kedvére ugráltasson,kínozzon,megalázzon.Még sosem éreztem a korbács csípös ízét börömön,de tényleg csak arról álmodozom,hogy Önt szolgáljam a rezidenciáján akár több napig is.
A legszebb Úrnö,akit valaha láttam.Régóta tervezem,hogy kiélhessem a BDSM iránti vágyaimat,de csak is Önnél kedves Rebeka Úrnö,mert csak Ön méltó erre .Csak arra méltó,hogy szolgálják és hogy kényeztessék.
Sokat gondolkodtam azon,hogy vajon mit fog ön ehhez az e-mailhez szólni.
Remélem nem tart ezért fanatikusnak engem,de minden vágyam,hogy az Ön vágyait és kívánságait maximálisan teljesítsem.
Nagyon szeretném Önt szolgálni és az Ön kegyetlen büntetései alatt szenvedni.
Kedves Rebeka Úrnö teljesen elrabolta a szívem!
Minden hódolatom az Öné! A legtökéletesebb Úrnöé!
Egy alázatos és vágyakozó szolgától!"

(2014 : 07 : 06 - 1.14)
Levél egy szolgámtól:

"Tisztelt Úrnöm,

Bár nem tudok angolul,mindig élvezettel olvasom a svéd Martin történeteit-a számítogéphasználat közben ragadt rám annyi „angoltudás”,hogy nagyából megértem.Két dolog jutott eszembe.irigylem a szolgát a lehetöségért, (nem töle irigylem,azt sajnálom,hogy nekem nem jön össze) és kiváncsi lennék az Ön nézöpontjából is a történetekre.Amennyiben nekem is lehetöségem lenne egyszer egy ilyen sok napos történetnek részese lenni,én azt kérném,hogy a cellában mindig legyek megkötözve,hol szorosan hol lazábban,.A szemem csak akkor ne legyen bekötve,ha az Úrnö is jelen van.Az egyik napot szeretném úgy eltölteni,hogy bekötött szemmel kipeckelt szájjal gúzsbakötve várom Úrnöm visszajöttét.Persze,ha megvalósítaná ezt az álmomat nem biztos,hogy annyira örülnék neki.Illetve dehogynem,nagyon is,de az Martin leveléböl is kiderül az Úrnönél ovatósan kell bánni a kívánságokkal,mert valóraváltja azokat csak nem úgy ,ahogy azt a szolga elképzeli,de még soha nem csalódtunk.Gratulálok Önnek ahhoz,hogy ilyen sok örömet tud okozni a szolgáknak álmaik megvalósításával.Köszönöm,hogy elolvasta levelem.Remélem nem zavartam az álmodosásommal-álmodozni szabad pl. arról,hogy kapok egyszer egy szeánszvázlatot Rebeka Úrnötöl arról,? hogyan képzelne el egy szeánszot velem.Bocsánat a kis pimaszságért.:) Még sok-sok ilyen élménybeszámolót kívánok,mert az azt jelenti a szolgák is jól érzik magukat és Úrnöm is jól teszi a dolgát,és élvezi is a szeánszot."

(2014 : 06 : 17 - 1.30)
Cellámban 4 napot , és 5 éjszakát töltött el svéd szolgám.

Képek láthatóak róla a "Cella/pince" menüpontban.

Élményei itt olvashatóak:

Total slavery with Mistress Rebeka for 4 days and 5 nights!

I been to Mistress Rebeka many times before and what I like most about her is her professionalism and that she push boundaries but always respects limits and keeps safety first. I had some ideas that I wanted to try out being locked in the cellar, some we did try out but others we did not, but that I truly respect as fantasy and reality are often to different things, and safety is the most important thing.

Tuesday: I landed in Budapest, which is a very nice city with nice architecture and good wine. I spend the day going true the city visiting some wine bars. Later in the evening I went to Mistress Rebeka´s and from there we went to her underground cellar.
The cellar is as I have described before small, about 2x2 meters, like a small closet. One can very easily lie on the hay on the floor and the cell has 2 small holes high up on the wall for air and light, also there is air from the door. I have always been a bit claustrophobic but I must admit that I never ever got that feeling being in the cell. I undressed and Mistress locked the door and gave me a bottle of wine wishing me good night. She is very thoughtful Mistress Rebeka.

Wednesday: I waked up sleeping well after the trip and also the wine. When one is locked in a cell it is very difficult knowing what time it is but the light from the sun that came into the cellar made me realize if it was morning or afternoon. Time went very slow until I heard Mistresses steps combing down the stairs. I stand up and waited and Mistress opened the small hatch in the door, locking at me asking me if I was ok. Then she gave me some bread with sausages to eat and closed the door and went upstairs.
Time passed away very slowly but I slept much. When the evening comes it becomes very dark in the cell and when the night comes it is pitch black. Then is when I start to get nervous. I know Mistress Rebeka will come and I know that when she comes in the evening it always means pain in some sort. I feel myself getting more and more anxious and I start to sweat trying so hard to hear my Mistresses sound. Then suddenly I hear her unlocking the door to the stairs to the cellar and turning on the light coming down the stairs. I stand up in my cell for inspection being very frighten and excited at the same time. Mistress was dressed very sexy in black leather jacket and opened the hatch to look if I was ready. I was ordered to put on my dog mask and get out on all fours.
Mistress Rebeka gave me a dog bone to take in my mouth and then I had to crawl out the cell. She put on a leash on my throat and made me walk around on all fours, barking as a dog, yelling at me. Then she handcuffed me and took pictures and then she kicked me in my cell again. She open the hatch and gave me some warm food, some meat and dumplings. It was so good, she asked how I felt and if all was ok. This is what I love with Mistress Rebeka, she is cruel and at the same time very concerned about the slave and how the session is going. She closed the door telling me that this was an easy day, next day will be harder…
Thursday: I slept much again freezing a bit. But my problem was that I did not drink so much water as I should. I got many bottles inside the cell and when I started to drink more water I felt warmer also. In the cell it was 2 buckets, one for the waist and one filled with water for washing. The main problem is that time goes so very slowly when being locked in. Then it is very good to do some exercise and also to meditate. I was thinking much about Mistress Rebeka and how the day would be harder for me.
The evening came and I was getting more and more anxious and when the darkness came I was really getting a bit scared for what would happen. I listen hard and suddenly I heard Mistress unlocking the cellar door coming down the stairs. I stand up and waited for her, she open the hatch and told me to get on all fours. She was dressed again in leather and had a leather paddle with her. I turned around and she whipping my ass hard and also lighted a candle and dropped wax on me. The paddle was hard and it was very painful. Then Mistress gave me food and closed my cell for the night. When I slept I felt the pain from the paddling on my ass which made me think of my Mistress all night.

Friday: I had slept to much so I waked up in the night when it was all dark, I could not even see the hand in front of me. I used had to wait. I thought much of Mistress and was anxious to what would come. When it was lunch time I heard Mistress coming down the stairs. She opened up the door and screamed to me to put on my mask and put my hands and legs outside the cell door. Then she handcuffed my hands and locked my legs together binding them so I could not move. Then she put on my dog masks blindfold and then told me to ge into the cell again and locked the door and went away. I was afraid and it was very uncomfortable but the only thing I could do was to sit and wait for Mistress. I know before we started I asked to be in bondage all the time during my cell time, but know I realize how uncomfortable that would have been. As I said before fantasy is one thing but reality is another thing. And I realize this is what Mistress Rebeka wanted to show me. I saw a while, then she came back and untied me and gave me food.
When the evening came I laid again waiting for her, counting the minutes to when she would come. Mistress took me out from the cell, made me walking on all fours, cuffed me her cross, gave me more spanking. She forced a gag in my mouth and then she put on an electrical device on my ass and back on a very high level, while spanking me. She is very good in spanking and I know she loves it. When she finished she screamed to me to get back into the cell, gave me hot food and told me that tomorrow would be even harder!

Saturday: I tried my best to do mediation and exercise to make the time go faster. It is very hard and the mind do play trick on persons. But the main thing is to control it and also because I felt completely safe with Mistress, I know she will come and will bring food and that made me feel much better. When lunch came Mistress opened the door to my cell and was carrying her favorite whip, the longer one that gives very nice mark. She told me to be on all fours in my cell and she started to give me some lashes, then the throw some bread and sauces to me, screamed to me to shut up and locked the door. I was starting then to get very anxious and afraid for the evening.
When Saturday evening came and the darkness come I was really scared and excited at the same time. I listen and listen trying to really hear Mistress walking upstairs around the door to the basement. Suddenly I heard the door open and the sound from her boots coming down the stairs. I was then both terrified and excited. Mistress opened the door screaming to me to get outside on all fours. I was told to be on all fours in the corner of the basement. She took hold of her whip the long one and started to whip me. I was made to count and thank her for each whip lash. Mistress Rebeka whips hard and after the sixth lash I was screaming loud. Then I heard Mistress Rebeka light a cigarette and I remembered I asked to be burned by her. She whipped me some more and then put her cigarette on my ass, marking me. Then she whipped me again and put the cigarette to my feet’s as well. I screamed and yelled and I know I was broken and she stopped and made me go back to the cell. Inside I thanked her and begged for her to open the door so I could have the last night free with open door. After a bit of thinking she agreed giving me warm food and a bottle of wine.
I slept with open door and the next day Mistress come down to get me and then I showered and got a very nice lunch from her and went to the city.

I tried many Mistresses before but I must say Mistress Rebeka is the best. This because she is extremely professional, she loves what she does and she always think of the safety issues first. She has a wonderful personality is very intelligent and has the most lovely smile and eyes to die for. I always loved longer sessions as it gives a great opportunity to get to know the Mistress in a better way. I have never felt so much safe (being so vulnerable as I was) then with Mistress Rebeka.
What can I say I have found my Mistress for life and I give her my best recommendations!


(2014 : 03 : 05 - 1.23)
A "Galéria" menüpontban látható egy naptár Rólam, amelyet egy szolgám készített!

(2013 : 12 : 14 - 19.08)


(2013 : 12 : 14 - 19.07)


(2013 : 09 : 21 - 1.09)
A "Galéria" menüpontban látható egy vers bekeretezve, amelyet egy szolgámtól kaptam!

(2013 : 09 : 12 - 12.52)
A Galéria menüpont 2. oldalán látható egy óra,amelyet egy rajongóm készített a tiszteletemre.

(2013 : 06 : 27 - 11.41)
Reakció II:

Tisztelt Úrnöm,
Még egy dolog kívánkozik ki belölem: egy magára valamit is adó,a dolgát profeszionálisan végzö Domina nem engedheti meg magának a túlzott kegyetlenséget.Nem egyeztethetö össze az érdekeivel,hiszen a kezdöt elriasztaná,a tapasztalt nem jönne többet,aki meg csak ki akarta próbálni abban örökre mély tüske keletkezhet.Így a Domina érdeke is ,hogy pontosan megbeszéljék a határokat kívánságokat és azt be is tartsák.A legfontosabb a kommunikáció és a bizalom.A túlzó kegyetlenség pedig ez utóbbit ássa alá.Söt az Úrnönek még arra is figyelemmel kell lennie,hogy a szolga jól becsülte-e fel a saját határait.Önnél pedig e tekintetben is mindig kellö körültekintést tapasztaltam.
Tisztelettel Zoltán

(2013 : 06 : 27 - 11.39)
Egy szolgám reakciója levelemre:

Tisztelt Úrnöm,

Azért ragadtam klaviatúrát,mert úgy éreztem írnom kell arra,amit a honlapján,a hírek közt olvastam.
Nem tartom Önt túl kegyetlennek,mert eddig a szeánszokon még soha nem lépte át azt a határt amit megbeszéltünk.Néha úgy éreztem útólag,lehetett volna kegyetlenebb is,de én nem mertem dúrvább elbánást kérni.Valószínüleg a mi szeánszaink a "lightosabbak" közé tartoznak,de ezt Ön tudja megítélni.Viszont mindig azt kaptam amit kértem,ezért is gondolkodom azon,hogy majd a következö szeánszunkon-ami sajnos nem tudom mikor lesz -nyugodt szívvel Önre bízom magam,mert számomra a profizmus azt jelenti,hogy a helyzetet pontosan felmérve,megbeszélve a két fél közösen szabja meg a határokat,de a Domina irányításával zajlik az esemény.S mivel én még ez irányban nem csalodtam Önben- az esetleges nézeteltérész mindig tudtuk tisztázni-,arra biztatom igy folytassa ahogy eddig.
Maradok tisztelettel az Ön híve Zoltán

(2013 : 06 : 25 - 1.35)
Számos visszajelzést hallottam, hogy Domina Rebeka túl profi, kegyetlen, félelemérzést kelt!
Szomorú, hogy a profizmustól tartanak az emberek.
Sajnos, ez a szakma is elkorcsosult, mint sok minden más.
Látom, hogy napról-napra szaporodik a "dominák" száma, stúdióval vagy rosszabbik esetben anélkül, prostitúcióval keverve. Elég nevetséges.Elöbb-utóbb mind eltünnek a süllyesztöben.

Ami pedig a félelemérzetet illeti:
Valóban félelmetes a szemem, a nézésem, az egyéniségem! Ez nem is baj, mert nem tartozom a közvetlen, csacsogó stílusú "dominák"-hoz , elvárom a tiszteletet Felém!


Mindenkivel pontosan egyeztetem a részleteket, mi az, amit szeretne, és mi az, amit nem!

Senki nem fog távozni a stúdióimból véresre korbácsolva, csak ha ez a kívánsága!

Domina Rebeka

(2013 : 05 : 16 - 0.55)

“72 hours slavery in Mistress Rebeka´s Underground Cellar!

I have visit Mistress Rebeka several times before and last year I tried the first time to be in her Underground Cellar for some time. I liked it very much so this year in beginning of May I decided to go to Budapest and visit Mistress and to try a longer session again. Budapest is a very nice city which I like very much, nice architecture, good clubs/bars/restaurants for going out and friendly people.

I meet Mistress late on Saturday evening in her studio and we talked and set out the rules and time for my staying. Mistress Rebeka is extremely professional in her appearance which is one thing I very much like. She listens to my ideas and my plans for my staying and know my limits. Then we went to her Underground Cellar and on the way there I was started to be frighten again, as I know she would push my limits during my stay.

We went down to the Underground basement where the cellar is, I undressed, got my blanket and was locked in the cell. Mistress Rebeka went upstairs and I looked around in the cell, it is a small cell with hay on the floor but enough space to lie down in. I am even a bit claustrophobic but for me it felt much ok. I fell to sleep immediately being tired due to the buildup anticipation of the session.

I waked up in the night, it was pitch black, I could not even see the hand in front of me. As the morning came there started to come some light in the cell from the very small holes close to the top of the wall of the cell. Mistress Rebeka had put one very sexy picture of herself on the inside of the door and as lighter it become the more I could see of it. Later Mistress Rebeka came down with food checking up on me how I was, then left again. I manage to sleep some and waked up when it was dark again and I heard Mistress coming down the stairs. She open up the door yelled tome to get out and tied me up very hard on her cross, stretched out. She looked very tough and hard in black dress and I felt really scared by her look. I was pressed against the wall seeing her playing with her favorite whip. She asked me if I was afraid, I said not really which was a big mistake. She whipped me a few lashes and it was extremely painful, much more than I thought it would be. Then Mistress took some cold water in a bucket and throw it at me . I was soaked wet and started to shiver from fear. Mistress laughed at me and gave me a few more whips then started to move the whip over the back of my body. I was so frighten and in pain and my body would not stop to shake. Mistress stopped and yelled to me to get back to my cell. She gave me some food and left and switched off the light. I was in the dark cell again and felt the pain from the whipping.

Next day Mistress came down opened the small hatch in the cellar door and gave me some bread and sausages. The time passed very slowly but I had a good time to think about how to please my Mistress.

In the evening Mistress came back, in the same black dress as before, dragged me out and tied my hands behind my back telling me to kneel. She had put out a bigger bucket on the floor with water and suddenly pressed my head down. I had asked for breath play but I was not ready the brutality of it. My head went down in the water then she took me up, I was gasping for air. She pressed me down again, I felt really scared and lost my balance going down in the water again and manage to pour out much water on the basement floor. Mistress was upset, she untied me and yelled for me to go to my cell again. I begged for forgiveness for being so clumsy and then she opened the hatch in the cellar door and dropped some slices of meat for me to eat on the floor of the cell. I did not perform well and she showed it by treating me like an animal. That evening I was hungry and felt miserable and like a real slave…

The next day Mistress came down with food true my door hatch not saying a word. She has this very cruel look and smile when she is in that mood, then I know there is no use trying to talk. During the day again I did much thinking and In the evening I told Mistress I have had enough and we would stop. That evening I got some nice wine for company and slept with open cell door which was nice. The next day I was released and we talked and said goodbye to each other.

What made me wanting to try this again was Mistress Rebeka´s personality and style of dominance. She is a extremely professional lady who does wonderful sessions. This is my 5th time meeting her and it gets better and better. I am glad I did a longer session with Mistress and all the time I felt very safe and knew I could trust her. She came down to feed me twice a day as she told before and water and some wine I had all the time in the cell. She likes whipping and she likes to play hard and to expand limits. So if you want that type of session you should try Mistress Rebeka as you will not regret it!

Martin/Sweden “

(2012 : 05 : 08 - 1.26)


From the time I saw pictures of Mistress Rebekas cellar I wanted to try it, to be her slave living in the cellar for some days. At the end of May I did try and this is the story. I booked a session with Mistress Rebeka from Friday evening to Tuesday lunch, 4 days, 3 nights in her cell. I wanted her to break me and to make me cry. I went to her studio in the evening and we drove to her cell which is located a bit from Budapest. The cellar is and underground basement with only one entrance/exit. I got my prison suit, and some water in the cell and a bucket for my waste and a dog bowl for my food. Mistress Rebeka smiled very warm, gave me a glass of wine and closed the cell and went upstairs and took away the light. It was pitch black. I lay there thinking of Mistress then manage to fall in sleep. After a while I woke up when Mistress kicked the door to the cell, just to disturb me then went upstairs again. I laid there thinking of her for long while before I manage to sleep again.

The next day I woke up seeing the lights start coming into the cell (there are very small windows in the cell and a small window to the outside from the underground basement) so it is fresh with air. I laid there thinking about Mistress Rebeka and what will happen. Around lunchtime I could hear her come down and when she opened the door and I saw her standing in the door she looked like a real Goddess! She was dressed in leather, and started to feed my from her hand giving me bread and sausages. I felt like a real slave being fed that way, Mistress controlled me and my life. Then Mistress put me in a cage she had in the basement and left for a while. After some hour she came back opening the cage screaming at me to get into the cell, and whipping me hard a couple of times. I was scared it was painful but also very erotic. I laid in the cell thinking again only of the Mistress how I could please her more. Later in the evening Mistress come down again then was giving me hot food and we chatted some, I was also giving some wine. Mistress Rebeka has a lovely way of switching from being very cruel to very nice and it is very hard to know what mood she is in. But that is one reason I really do like her. I slept one more night in the damp cell (even I got two blankets) and it felt nice but also very scaring.

When it is completely dark the mind and senses play a game with you. I had no idea what the time was and when the lights start coming into the cell it is very hard to calculate how fast the times goes. So it is mentally very frustrating and tiring. On Sunday lunch Mistress came down again, opened the small hatch in the door and I had to put up my dog bowl to get some food, bread and sausages, piece by piece. I was tired from not sleeping during the night and being disoriented by time in the dark. She took some pictures of me, then left but was kind enough to have the light on outside the cell. Later in the afternoon she came back, opening the door screaming to me to turn around and started to whip me hard, laughing at me. I was scared and I was in pain, but I am the slave and she the Mistress so it was just to accept. She took a picture again then left me in the dark. Then my mind started to play games with me again and I really felt broken, I could not take anymore, my head started to give me headache and I started to cry…

I was broken, I know it. When Mistress came down later in the evening opening the door I told her, she won, she broke me. Mistress looked really triumphant and was smiling that very sexy smile I really like. She left the door open, gave me hot food and some wine and I slept that night with not locked door. The next day she drove me to the studio and we had breakfast. Afterwards I was very mentally tired and it took me one day to calm down and to be myself again.

So now back in Sweden, what can I say. I loved it, Mistress Rebeka did a wonderful session with me, she is very caring, protecting and I felt completely safe all the time. I trust her completely and she never let you down. My mind could not take all those days in the dark this time, but sure I will go back and do it again, then to succeed! This is my second visit to Mistress Rebeka and anyone who want to try this type of session I give my full recommendations about Mistress Rebeka.


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